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New acquisition of Vintage Clocks

Today we take the watch and clock for granted. Some—even you—may consider every clock  as a vintage clocks, not just those in the previous century. After all, today we’re all dependent on our digital and iPhone timepieces. But you’re missing out. 

For instance, the craftsmanship and beauty of vintage clocks made in the past century are something to behold. Considering they still work today, and carry the mystery of their history with them, is a tribute to the workmanship and craft of clockmaker of the past. 

If you’re curious, here is a link to a brief history of the origins of timekeeping pieces, to enlighten you about the history of the clocks (not just the sun-dial). I always find the history of jewelry, including vintage clocks, very interesting.  More interested in vintage wrist watches? Check out our wrist watch page. Lots of fantastic vintage watches. Want to ask questions? Need more information? Check out our contact us page.


Vintage clock

An 8-day clock, circa 1950’s, with light wood base and round clock.

vintage clock

An 8-day clock from the 1950’s with a black wood base on gold-colored legs.

Vintage Clock

An 8-day clock by Shreve & Co, San Francisco, circa 1930’s. Gold colored metal in the shape of the Star of David.

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