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On our site you will find rare and unusual vintage clocks dating back to the early 20th Century. Serious and whimsical. If you’re looking for a unique gift, a vintage clock is a perfect for the person who has everything…except time.

Further, you’ll be happy to know all our vintage clocks have been repaired and refurbished. They all run like new and they are guaranteed for one year. Specially priced.

However, before you browse our clocks, we’ve provided you with links to the major vintage clock makers/brands. Hence, If you want to go directly to the clock collection, scroll down the page. You’ll find 56 clocks to choose from.

About Vintage Clock Brands

If you’re new to vintage clocks or would like to learn more about the vintage brands, we’ve included links to the most well-known and and finest clockmakers. See below.

Telechron/General Electric

“Telechron is the name of a U.S. company that manufactured electric clocks between 1912 and 1992. “Telechron” is derived from the Greek words tele, meaning “far off,” and chronos, “time,” thus referring to the transmission of time over long distances. Founded by Henry Ellis Warren, Telechron introduced the synchronous electric clock, which keeps time by the oscillations of the alternating current electricity that powers it from the electric power grid. Telechron had its heyday between 1925 and 1955, when it sold millions of electric clocks to American consumers.

As early as 1917, General Electric acquired a strong interest in Telechron, realizing the economic potential of Warren’s invention. When Warren retired in 1943, General Electric gradually absorbed Telechron into its operations. …more…”


“The Hammond Clock Company was founded in 1928 to produce and market clocks that were equipped with Hammond’s new motor. The Hammond clock factory manufactured more than 100 different clock models, some simple and cheap, others made from expensive materials such as marble and onyx. more…”


“Lexan is part of GE, General Electric. In 1953, Dr. Fox invented Lexan, a transparent plastic used in manufacturing compact discs, baby bottles and construction materials. These materials are used in many clocks, including GE clocks. Virtually all of the clocks we offer that are clear or “plastic” are actually Lexan. Extremely strong, virtually unbreakable materials.”


We don’t have many Lux clocks, but the company’s history is interesting. The company had its origins in the Lux Clock Manufacturing Company, founded in 1914 by Paul Lux. Lux Clock produced clocks until 1941, at which time they made war related products….more…


Bulova is a New York based corporation making watches and clocks. It was founded and incorporated as the J. Bulova Company in 1875 by Joseph Bulova (1851-1936), an immigrant from Bohemia. It was reincorporated under the name Bulova Watch Company in 1923, and became part of the Loews Corporation in 1979…more…

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Showing 1–12 of 65 results