Vintage Men's Wrist Watches

Online Watch BannerOur Vintage Men’s Wrist Watches are not only beautiful but are beautifully priced too. These watches are from historic and well-known watchmakers, where quality and design were equally important.

Up until the 1960’s, most men’s watches are relatively small. They were replaced by the larger, chronographs types. So if most seem smaller than contemporary watches, you’re right. They are beautiful and classy. Here’s more about our collection:

1. All are in working order and come with one year warranty.

2. Where possible, all have the original parts.

3. Because they are antique/vintage, there may be some slight imperfections. However, they are hardly visible.

4. Here are links to the history of major brands you’ll find on our online store:

Bulova Watch Company Bulova is now owned by Citizens Watch Company

Elgin Watch Company: Elgin ceased operation in 1967. Watches are on or before that date.

Omega Watch Company: It was founded as a Swiss company in 1848. It’s watches are known for their beauty and excellence.

About the Wakmann Watch Company

The Wakmann Watch Company was founded in the state of New York in 1946, and began both importing and manufacturing fine timepieces of impressive quality. In little time, the name became synonymous with expertise in the field of chronograph production, along with timekeeping in the American market, as a whole. Due to the tax structure of the era that enforced substantial duties on the importation of Swiss wristwatches, Wakmann saw opportunity in their industry by partnering with Breitling, who supplied the brand with watch components to be given a final assembly, and later sold. Their success would lead to the supplying of timepieces for the US military and other professional issue applications, and an eventual Breitling buyout.

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Showing 1–12 of 27 results