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Our collection of Art Nouveau objet d’art is small,  but we believe in quality  over quantity. That’s why you will discover all our collections contain the best we can find.

Further, our current Art Nouveau Objet d’Art collection is an assortment vases and a gorgeous pitcher. You’ll find Blue, red and green colored glass covered with Art Nouveau sterling silver decorative overlays. Each is unique and gorgeous. A fantastic addition to your collection.

If you wonder what  the difference is between Art Deco and Art Nouveau (a question we often are asked), read our blog that simply explains the difference.

Here’s a link to it How Do Art Deco and Art Nouveau Differ?

We hope you enjoy it and it enlightens you.

Please visit our website to see all the other vintage and antique pieces we offer. Each is of the highest quality and unlikely to be seen anywhere else. Visit our home page  and scroll down all our different categories and pick those you’re interested in. You’ll be dazzled (we think).


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Showing all 7 results