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Women’s pins and brooches

A brief history of the origin of brooches

You may be surprised to learn pins and brooches began life as functional as opposed to ornamental. As such they were used to secure pieces of clothing. Specifically, the first recorded ones were made of thorns and flint. Furthermore, “pins” made from metal date back to the Bronze Age. In modern times, many style setters love brooches too.

Brooches became more ornamental during the Byzantine period. Even so they were still most commonly worn as a fastener for a scarf or a shawl. This eventually evolved into more elaborate designs. They were worn to accessorize rather than hold together the fashions of the day. 

For example, Queen Elizabeth II, below, who is past 90 years old, has a love of brooches. You will usually see her wearing one.


Queen Elisabeth wearing brooch

A new generation of women love brooches too

But there’s a new generation of women think of jewelry as more than just bling. And, they are using this past adornment in new ways.  And, showing them off in modern times. But they didn’t start out as jewels. 

Today you can wear a brooch to make a statement about your creativity. Individuality. Unique fashion style. For example, you can choose to wear a vintage brooch on your lapel. Or, you can wear one on your shoulder. If you wear baseball caps, why not jazz it up with a fun brooch. 

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If you would like to learn more about the history of brooches, here’s a link to a site you may find very helpful.

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