We buy and sell gold • Expert repairs for jewelry and watches • Large selection of modern, antique and vintage jewelry in showroom.

Vintage and antique earrings 

Looking for a special pair of vintage and antique earrings?  Well you’ve come to the right place. We have a large collection from which you can select. First of all, they are one of a kind pieces. Samples of the type of vintage and antique earrings you can choose are included here. Just scroll to see each piece enlarged, with a description of each. Don’t forget to go to the second page to see more items. Second of all…

Even more good news for you! Come in and shop on your birthday, and take 50% off your purchase. Furthermore, if you want to buy something special for someone you love—such as vintage and antique earrings—on their birthday, bring them in to the store on their special day. 

Very importantly, that’s not just 50% off earrings. You can choose from any of our jewelry/silver/vase collection for the special discount. The only exclusions you’ll find are items that are on consignment (can only offer you 10% off) or items that are already on sale. 

If you want to know all the ways you can contact us, please go to our contact us page. If you prefer to email us now, you can do that via regencyj@pacbell.net

If you are interested in our other jewelry, please go to our home page to access our other jewelry sections.





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