Expert Jewelry Repairs

Whatever you need repaired, we can do it...expertly

If you need expert jewelry repairs, chances are we can get it looking like new. Many times, even better than new. 

Here’s a list of items you should consider bringing to us to evaluate and estimate:

• Pearl and bead restringing and re-knotting.

• Brooch repair including missing stones.

• Repair gold and silver chains as well as bracelets.

• Update clasps for necklaces.

• Resize rings.

• Replace gemstones or rhinestones in all jewelry 

• Repair any other jewelry in need of repairs or updating, including treasured  costume jewelry. 


Jewelry Repair man

Clock & Watch Repairs. Restoration Services, too.

Timepieces were meant to last a lifetime…or  longer. Fathers hand down their watches to their sons. And the sons to their sons. 

If you have a watch you need repaired, we are experts. We’ll repair your watch so it’s worthy of the coming decades and generations.

That goes for clocks as well. We can restore them using original parts (if they are available) or update them.

All our watch and clock repairs come with a one-year warranty.

Plating and metal repairs

Gold,  silver, chrome, nickel and brass plating is available as well.
That includes silverware that needs to be restored. Door handles. Bathroom and kitchen faucets. Teapots. And anything else that’s made of these metals…that you can carry into the store.
Contact us to discuss the items(s) to make sure they can be replated. 


English Teacup Set