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  Art Nouveau Antiques 

Green Art Deco Antiques Vase with Sterling Silver

Deep green with sterling silver overlay Art Deco Antiques vase.

If you love period pieces  such as Art Nouveau antiques, you are going to love our collection of  Art Nouveau glassware. 

Our collection of Art Nouveau Antique Vases are exquisite examples of the period. Each vase is beautifully crafted with blue, green or red glass and a sterling silver overlay. Every overlay is different but each is a detailed floral composition. 

These vases will make a wonderful addition to any collectors’ antique collection. They also make a unique and valuable wedding or anniversary gift; one that will be treasured for many years to come. 

Many people are uncertain about the difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau, so we are providing some of the history of  both movements and how identify them. To help you distinguish between the two periods, we’ve created a blog. We explain the differences in detail. Check out our blog menu to that blog and all our others. 

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