Our History & Timeline


July, 1948

Charles Goldman opened the store.

June, 1984

Four decades later and in the same location, Charles Goldman retired, and Robert Goldman, his son, became the President of Regency Jewelry.


Present Day - Online Shopping too!

Today many people love to browse and shop online.  For this reason we have built an online store and opened another retail shop on Vista Street. You can browse our beautiful pieces from the solace of your home or office, at any time.  Or you can stop by and visit us for a close-up view in person.

About Regency Jewelry

Robert learned everything he knows about jewelry and repairs from his father. With a profound love for jewelry and timepieces, he is now the head of the company.   He feels a deep commitment to the surrounding  community and to all of their customers, who have been loyal to them for many years.

Being in business for so many years, Regency Jewelry is a landmark in the community. We have serviced many clients over the years, and including clients in the entertainment industry.  Many times, if you happen to speak to people who reside in our area, you will hear some stories about us.   You might hear about their amazing  heirloom-quality jewelry that they purchased from Regency. You may also hear about how they “saved the day”, and restored a treasured piece back to its original quality and beauty.

People in our community know us well.  We became an icon based on our integrity and honesty.  Stop by and see why everyone loves Regency Jewelry!

Keeping up with the Times

Knowing how much people love shopping online, we opened our online store for your convenience!   Now we not only serve the local community, but customers from around the world!  You can purchase our amazing jewelry right from the comfort of your home or office, day or night.  And we are STILL open for you to come visit us.

If you live or work in the Los Angeles area, you can still drop off your jewelry and watch repairs at our location during our normal business hours.  Or for your convenience, please call us and schedule an appointment.  

Highest Quality

At Regency Jewelry, you will find a vast collection of rare and vintage to contemporary or modern pieces.  We always select the highest quality of gemstones and metals, you are assured to be getting the finest quality and design.