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About Regency Jewelry 

Regency Jewelry |Our Story begins in 1948

If you want to know about regency jewelry, here's our story. Briefly. We're a family business, founded in 1948. It's hard to believe that was almost 70 years ago. We're still that old-fashioned family store, focused on our customers and our community. We offer a wide selection of jewelry, giftware, watches, clocks...contemporary, antique and vintage jewelry. There's more about Regency Jewelry.

We've been at the same location since.

We've been at the same location since we first opened our store. That's why we're a recognized landmark. Chances are if you ask several people in the area about Regency Jewelry, they will probably tell you a story or two. Perhaps that they knew our "founding father." Or, how they bought a special piece of jewelry from us. How we miraculously repaired cherished jewelry to its original state. They know who we are and we know them. After all, we're neighbors. And they know all about Regency Jewelry and why we've become an icon. 

Don't just take our word for it

On our front counter you can leaf through our binders, seeing jewelry we've repaired and even custom-designed. You'll come across customers' names that mean nothing to you and some you recognize. For example, Elizabeth Taylor, the world-famous actress, sent us a lovely thank you note for work we did. And if you know nothing else about Ms. Taylor, she was an avid jewelry collector and could choose any jeweler she wanted. But she chose Regency Jewelry because she knew the quality of our work and products.

Antique, Vintage and Contemporary Jewelry

If you are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry, you will be delighted with our collection. There are hundreds of vintage, antique and modern pieces waiting for you. If you have an idea about what you want but can't find it, we can probably design it for you. Or, if you have some jewelry that needs major or minor repairs, bring it in and let us make it new again.

Browse through our website to see just a fraction of the jewelry we offer. You can do that from home page. If you have questions about a piece, please call us. Or, better yet, come in to see our entire collection. When you have a birthday, we'll take 50% off when you make a purchase on your special day. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Robert Goldman, President

If would like to email us, send it here.

Regency Jewelry | Who We Are

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