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Black Jewelry  

Black Jewelry Stones

Three examples of Jet/Black stones used to carve jewelry and statues.

Black Jewelry is being rediscovered by gem lovers all over the world. Many of these jewelry lovers are impressed by the quality, design and the gemstone’s beauty and history. We think you will be too. 

Briefly, thousands of years ago the  jet stone was thought to be magical. Our ancestors  used it as a protector from harm; a gem that brought the bearer good luck and good health. “Artists” carved amulets and statues for protection and good luck. Why not?Those are things virtually everyone seeks. In fact, it is said that Jet (used interchangeably as black) is one of the first gems to be discovered by man.

Black Jewelry: As old as time.

Historians write that Stone Age man carved the stones into amulets and talisman, believing the stones had electrical properties that endowed them with magical powers and protections. Modern times (relatively speaking) saw jet being used for rosary beads and for other ecclesiastical purposes.  The history of Jet/Black Jewelry is very interesting.

To learn more about the history and lore of Jet Jewelry, go to our latest blog for more detail. 

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